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  • Smart Business Owners Increase their Company’s Sale Value Before and After Tax by Planning Ahead

    Most business owners in any five year period can answer yes to at least one of these life event questions that would cause them to need to know what their company is worth. 1. Are you contemplating the sale of your business? 2. Are you working with or bringing in a partner? 3. Are you contemplating or currently going through divorce proceedings? 4. Are you potentially going to have to defend yourself or your company in court? 5. Are you looking for financing? There are other possible reasons of course, but the point is that there are many times a business owner finds himself or herself needing to obtain a proper business valuation for their company. Unfortunately, it’s often an

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    From our family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

  • Why Do People Fear Tax Audits More Than They Fear Overpaying?

    Ask anyone if they “pay too much income tax” and the knee jerk reaction is almost always, “Yes!” and without much hesitation. Why do we call that a knee jerk reaction? Because if you then follow the question up with two more questions, “What did you pay in federal tax last year? And/or what bracket are you in?” they almost as quickly say, “I don’t remember, or I’m not sure.” Or they might guess at a bracket percentage, but usually not correctly. We’ve even had people profess the pain of paying too much in tax only to discover that not only did they get back all of their withholdings, but they were given tax credit refunds of money they did

  • Lower Your Tax Bill More by Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution

    This is the time of year when people often start taking personal inventory of how fortunate they are and start considering charitable contributions as a way to “give back” a little. For some, it’s an automatic budget item in their day to day lives, but for others it’s a new activity. For many years the IRS has helped people give by allowing charitable contributions to be deducted on schedule A when they file their taxes. The tax deduction value of those gifts changed with the Trump tax code simplification, as many people no longer need to file a Schedule A due to the higher standard deduction. Many people are still ingrained in their old charitable giving habits and aren’t aware

  • Not Everyone Should be Trying to Lower Their Tax Bill

    It may sound odd when you say it out loud, but after considering all the facts, it’s quite true. It’s an emotional but understandable reaction to think you always want to lower your tax bill as much as possible. However, except in the case of death, the tax code is basically a case of “tax me now or tax me later.” In many cases, to lower your current tax bill means that income avoided or deductions taken now are going to come back into your life at some later point. One example would be an IRA. You put money in an IRA and lower today’s tax bill, but those dollars will need to be taxed at some point. When you

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